About Us


Who We Are

The event conceived and produced by Anantya
Entertainment Pte Ltd has Arvind Krishna as show
creator. He is an acclaimed cinematographer,
producer and director with over 25 film credits.
He is ably assisted by a team that has produced
some of the biggest Television events.


Anantya Entertainment is bringing to audiences worldwide, a new and engaging media property – Musical Conversations!

Musical Conversations is a complete 360-degree media property that combines a Live Event, with television content and is then expanded with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) components.

Our first Musical Conversation features Goutham Vasudev Menon (GVM)– one of Tamil cinema’s finest directors and an ensemble of musical talents that include Bombay Jayashri, Sid Sriram, Karthik Lydian – the child prodigy and many others.

GVM is widely considered an auteur, with his clear imprint on each of his films. The event format is meant to help audiences understand through the conversation and the music, how his creativity unravels and how he collaborates with other creative minds, to deliver his clear artistic touch with each film.

The 120 minute show is like a crucible, where the finest ingredients (the talent) are put on stage and when the lights go on (the fire), our moderator stirs it up and a special magic masala fills the air for the audiences to enjoy its warmth and aroma.